Skala 1/24 Digital Slotcar fr Carrera: BMW M1 Procar "Team Warsteiner"

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Årets Jubileumsbil!Inte bara 2023 utan också 60-årsjubileets bilDenna görs endast i 999 exemplar och här kan du köpa ditt exemplar.LIMITED EDITION 2023LS2320088

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Årets Jubileumsbil!
Inte bara 2023 utan också 60-årsjubileets bil
Denna görs endast i 999 exemplar och här kan du köpa ditt exemplar.

OBS! Med Carrera kan fordonet kodas individuellt, styras digitalt och kan även användas analogt!
Carreras bilar går att köras analogt på alla vanligt förekommande system såsom Scalextric, Ninco och Scx, m.fl

Det sitter en lite brytare under bilen där du väljer om du vill köra på Digital eller analog anläggning. Detta finns på bilarna i skala 1/32 & 1/24 från Carrera.

Fram-, bak- och bromsljus, original BMW license
Skala: 1:24
Ålder 10 år och uppåt

In English:

Anniversary car of the year!
Not just 2023, but also the 60th anniversary car
This is only made in 999 copies and you can buy your copy here.

ATTENTION! With Carrera, the vehicle can be coded individually, controlled digitally and can also be used analogue!
Carrera's cars can be driven analog on all common systems such as Scalextric, Ninco and Scx, etc.

There is a small switch under the car where you choose whether you want to drive on Digital or analogue system. It is available on the 1/32 & 1/24 scale cars from Carrera.

  • DIGITAL 124
  • Veteran of long-distance racing
  • Front, rear, brake and flashing lights
  • Official BMW license
  • 1:24-scale
  • 10 years and up

Old school classic

In 1981 the season, the classic BMW M1 in the Zol'Auto livery bore the number 72 as it sped around the circuit at the 24-hour race in the French town of Le Mans. The BMW Zol'Auto team drivers were Pierre-François Rousselot, François Sérvanin and Laurent Ferrier. The timeless 1980s design and the striking, colourful paintwork ensure the BMW M1 Procar 'BMW Zol'Auto, No.72' 24h, 1981 always attracts lots of stares.

Back from back then to race now

The Carrera DIGITAL 124 BMW M1 Procar 'BMW Zol'Auto, No.72' 24h, 1981 slotcar brings back a classic period of motor racing. The pleasing shape of this familiar racer travels forward in time to participate in your next race, and provides a fresh splash of colour thanks to its eye-catching paintjob. Slotcar fans will be thrilled by the front, rear, brake and flashing lights. Thanks to the BMW reproduction license this car looks just like the iconic rainbow-look original. This slotcar can be individually coded, has digital controls and promises countless hours of driving thrills.