Skala 1/32 Analog bil t bilbana fr Carrera: Chevrolet Dekon Monza #27

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Artikelnummer: 5258

OBS! Carreras bilar går att köras analogt på alla vanligt förekommande system såsom Scalextric, Ninco och Scx, m.fl
De går även att bygga om till digitala vid senare tillfälle.

Model No. 20027614
Skala 1/32
Från 8 år
Ej belysning

In English:

Carrera's cars can be driven analog on all common systems such as Scalextric, Ninco and Scx, etc.

The car is ready to be converted into digital.

  • Chevrolet Dekon Monza, start number 27
  • Carrera EVOLUTION
  • Vehicle in a red racing dress
  • Scale 1:32
  • From 8 years

    The answer to the Porsche 911
    Since sports car production in the early 1970s was also dominated by the Porsche 911 RSR in America, the then newly introduced Chevrolet Monza was to become race-ready and bring that famous "American Flavour" back to the race tracks. Dekon Engineering was commissioned with the production of the race-ready Monza. In 1975, the first Dekon Monza was ready to roll and made its debut at the Road Atlanta race in April.

    Bring that American flair to your race track
    Visually, the slot car on a scale of 1:32 is in no way inferior to the American model. With the original GM license, every little detail was thought of. The vehicle in its red racing dress really looks good and perfectly complements your home racing team. Is it enough for you and the Chevrolet Dekon Monza to win? You can also digitally upgrade your slot car with the decoder (26732). This means you can take to your DIGITAL 132 lanes with up to six slot cars and many other features.