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Ny Bilbanebil från
Detta är en mycket seriös bilbanebil
Har du frågor, tveka inte att höra av dig.
Självklart samfraktar vi.
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In 1966 Chaparral introduced model 2E for the Can-Am series. With its high mounted wing, clever aerodynamics and rear mounted radiators, it was the car that changed racing, forever. Its best result was at Laguna Seca, where the 2E of Phil Hill won the race and Jim Hall finished second. The wing was mounted to the rear suspension uprights to put the downforce directly into the tires without compressing the suspensions. The wing position could be adjusted, with a foot pedal mechanism, from maximum downforce angle for cornering to minimum drag angle for straightaway. Of all the Chaparrals, this car was Jim Hall’s favourite. This car featured an aluminuium semi-monocoque chassis, and a small block Chevrolet 327 cubic-inch V8 engine. In 1966, at Riverside, in the Can-Am Los Angeles Times Grand Prix, Jim Hall came close to the victory, being slowed by low fuel pressure during the final laps, however he was able to end in second place.